School Nutrition Program

All of our fruit flavors are made with 100% juice and additionally fortified with no sugar added. They are shelf stable for one year and Smart Snack Compliant. We provide everything that goes with the program to get you started – machine, mixing containers, and food-grade lubricant. Your school could create profit from the product sale starting the first day.  You can also offer a half cup (4oz.) of the product for breakfast free of charge, as it is a menuable item, to increase interest and participation.

When you are ready for us to come to your school to discuss our nutritional program – please contact Paula Proud at or call 785-565-2185 to set up a time for a free sampling for your students and staff. We will bring the machine and the flavor(s) you choose so that you and the students can try it out and learn more about our delicious products and how our program can benefit your school. Download and print our School Flavors list.


Flavors – Blue Raspberry, Apple, Cherry, Cherry Limeade, Coco Freeze, Coco Mango, Natural Fruit Punch, Green Watermelon, Natural Mandarin Orange, Ocean Citrus, Natural Peach Mango, Natural Pink Lemonade, Trd Grape, Sour Apple, Natural Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Lemonade, Clear Lemonade, Strawberry Banana, Clear Strawberry Kiwi, White Grape, Clear Fruit Punch, Clear Cherry.  All of our flavors listed are made with 100% real fruit juice, fortified with Vitamins A, C and D and Calcium. They are all Smart Snack Compliant and are equivalent to a full serving of fruit.
If you have an issue with the machine, please contact us immediately at or
Yes! We will show you how to operate the machine and how to add the ingredients.